Fraser & Co. offers a 5-year limited warranty for all of our timepieces.
This warranty guarantees the proper functioning of the timepiece excluding normal wear-and-tear, loss, theft, or damage due to misuse.
Additionally, any substitution, addition, or manipulation of its components, renders the warranty void.
If at any point a manufacturer defect is found, or our movement components fail due to manufacturer defect, your timepiece is covered.
If your timepiece needs servicing under our warranty, the servicing will be conducted at no cost to you.
If the defects are unable to be fixed, you may be offered a new watch of equal or lesser value (whichever you choose).

The Fraser & Co. warranty does NOT cover the following:
  • Any intentional damage not consistent with normal watch usage
  • Accidental damage from improper handling, negligence, lack of care, and/or acts of nature
  • Water damage resulting from the watch being used over the indicated depth resistance
  • Water damage resulting from the crown being in the open when in contact with water
  • Straps of any material
  • Battery
  • Buckle



Water Resistance

All Fraser & Co. timepieces are tested at the water depths assigned, to ensure safety from perspiration, light rain, bathing, and swimming. It is best practice and advised not to expose the watch to depths/pressure greater than what is stated for the timepiece .

Depending on the watch type, it is important to always set the crown in the closed position before contact with water. It is also important not to operate the crown position, pushers on a chronograph, or any other buttons when the watch is wet or under water.

If your watch features a screw-down crown, be sure to return it to the closed position before exposing the watch to water. Fraser & Co. is not responsible for any water damage caused by improper handling of the case, crown, gaskets or crystal.

Leather Care

Proper care and maintenance is required in order to ensure performance and longevity of your leather watch strap. Water resistance applies only to the watch case. Leather watch straps should not be worn under water or exposed to wet conditions. Exposure to water may cause the leather to become brittle and damage the physical characteristics of the strap. Please be mindful that watch straps are not covered under the warranty.

General Care

Using a soft cloth and mild soapy water, or specialized cleaner pertinent to the materials of the watch, gently clean the watch and metal bracelet if applicable. Wipe dry with a soft cloth. Be sure to secure the crown in the closed position prior to cleaning in order to avoid water damage. Following the exposure to saltwater, simply rinse the watch under tap water and dry with a soft cloth. It is important to remember the precautions for exposing your timepiece to water from crown positioning to the type of strap that your timepiece has.


The battery life for our quartz Fraser & Co. timepieces,  ranges from 3 to 5 years depending on the movement and battery type. Frequent use of the chronograph functions may shorten the life of the battery. 

Please note that quartz timepieces are not resistant to strong magnetic fields and should be avoided, as they will affect the accuracy of keeping time. The exposure to household items such as televisions, radios, and stereos will not affect your timepiece.