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About Us

Our Mission
“To provide luxurious timepieces and experiences that speak to the stories of our customers, and that represent the foundational values of those pursuing and attaining their dreams, passions, and ambitions.” 

At the core of Fraser & Co., is our commitment to telling your story. We believe that the purchase of a timepiece is based on more than just fashion and status. We believe that a timepiece tells a story. It tells your story.

From the moment you invest in a timepiece, you attach meaning and experiences to that timepiece. It will forever remind you of the promotion you received, an anniversary, or become a symbol of your dedication over the years to your work, family, accomplishments, dreams, and ambitions.

When you purchase a Fraser & Co. watch, your experience matters... your story matters.

Our Vision
“To use the passion, ingenuity, and creativity of the watch and luxury community to help improve and advance the lives of our customers, communities, and causes.”

At Fraser & Co., we acknowledge, support, and embrace the incredible passion of the watch and luxury community. We not only strive to consistently provide amazing timepieces for the watch and luxury community to enjoy, but also want to take that passion and use it to improve the world around us. Whether it be at the local, national, or international level, we are committed to empowering and promoting change for the better. 

Our Purpose
Since the inception of Fraser & Co., we are committed to not only creating time tested and quality timepieces, but more importantly, to being a vehicle for change. Fraser & Co. is a brand that extends beyond the watch space. We are the watch brand that is helping change the world.

This is being done through developing passionate partnerships that help champion life-changing causes, as well as investing in homeless outreaches, sponsoring medical treatments, supporting families in need, and creating opportunities for individuals to gain the skills and knowledge needed to set them up for success... the opportunities are endless.

With the purchase of a Fraser & Co. timepiece, a portion of every sale goes to funding these types of campaigns. We are passionate about being more than just a watch and luxury brand. We want to be the brand that is known for using its success to help others succeed... to help change the world.

Luxury Deserved
The motto "luxury deserved" addresses the idea that you deserve luxury no matter where you are in your journey. 
For decades luxury has been a concept and idea that was reserved only for individuals who had reached the pinnacle of their journey. This concept completely fails to acknowledge the milestones and accomplishments that an individual achieves along the way.

Afterall, your journey to attaining your dreams, is where the true story and inspiration is found. In understanding how important your journey is, we are committed to providing the highest degree of luxury possible to you, at all stages in your journey.

Whether you just landed your dream job, are working 70 hours a week making a name for yourself, or beat Elon Musk to Mars, your hustle deserves to be rewarded. Your story deserves to be told, and you deserve luxury. 

Our Manufacturing
When it comes to manufacturing, we have gone above and beyond to ensure that our manufacturing meets strict quality and performance standards. We have sought out partnerships and manufacturers that understand the importance of quality, precision, ingenuity, and most importantly, who align with the mission and vision of Fraser & Co.

Depending on the timepiece, its price point, and its offerings, your Fraser & Co. timepiece may have certain components assembled or sourced in different areas of the world. While we are based in the United States where manufacturing occurs, we also have sourcing and manufacturing partnerships with manufacturers in Japan, China, and Switzerland.

We have spent a great amount of time seeking out and developing partnerships that will stand the test of time. As we continue to grow as a company, we are committed to remaining transparent and in earning your trust and support. Furthermore, as we continue to grow, we are excited to offer exclusive manufacturing and job opportunities to our local community.